Weekly Weigh-in 5: Normalization


So this week, nothing at all that miraculous happened.  It was utterly and undeniably normal.  I had some tea that came in wrapping, ate one bar that came wrapped (at a volunteer event), used one cauliflower packaged in plastic, and had the normal accumulation of fruit stickers.

My total trash weighed in at 17 grams, or 0.04 lbs!

That's my lowest weight so far, which I'm stoked about. 


As I said above, this week felt really normal. I didn't have anything that seemed to outrageously affect my trash.  This gives me hope that reducing my trash to nearly zero really is possible, since several things in my trash were really avoidable (like the bar and cauliflower wrappings).  Maybe soon I can start switching to a monthly weigh-in instead of weekly!

However, starting today, I am working two full weekends at ski school.  For the environment, it's pretty eco-friendly, but it's definitely possible to produce more waste in that environment and I'll need to prep to avoid it! Update on how it all went down next week.