Weekly Weigh-In 4: I Got The Flus


So this week, as you can read below, I was sick.  This meant lots of tea and throat lozenge wrappers.  I also bought a nice poster frame which was wrapped in plastic, flossed, and ate lots of fruit with stickers.  

My total trash weighed in at 49 grams, or 0.1 lbs!

I'm pretty happy with that, because that's really it! No spilling milk in the grocery store, no getting my hair dyed, that's the whole shindig!  

Even though I'm pretty excited about that number, I still want to do better, and be better prepared next time I'm sick!


So this past Friday I woke up with a sore throat and sort of feeling icky. But we were heading up to the mountains to ski so I sort of shoved it off. Well, after two days of skiing harder than I have in quite some time (thanks Dylan) my body decided it wasn't going to put up with my nonsense anymore.  I don't think I ever got much of a fever, but I was coughing, stuffed up, achy, and just overall exhausted.

Whatever, Alli, we all get the common cold, why are you telling us about it?

Truth is, I haven't really been sick since I started going zero waste, and let me tell you, it's a dozy!  We had three opened packages of throat lozenges which I quickly dove into.  I also ransacked our throat comfort and breath deep tea stashes.  I will need to work on a homemade lozenge before my stash runs out. Glad to be slowly moving some of the things I bought pre going zero waste out, though!

I went through almost all of the breath deep tea, and so today I went to a local tea shop, Tea for Ewe in Denver.  The lady there helped me find a loose-leaf tea that was a pretty close match to the breath deep! Can't wait to test it out, even though my throat feels much better now!



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