Dear Trash,

I'm not sure why we produce and tolerate you the way we do.  Maybe it's because you get picked up from our doorstep every week, and we don't see exactly where you go, what you become, or what you do.  It's easy to forget how much of you is just floating in the ocean, buried under masses of dirt, and polluting our most precious resources.  It's easy to feel that I'm not directly responsible for the condition of our planet.  What can one person do when there are 7 billion of us?  But I, along with the rest of humanity, am responsible. No other creature treats the world as we do.  And so I'm getting rid of you, trash. I should have a long time ago. I'm opting out of single use and of waste.  There's certainly a better way, and I want to find it. 

- Alli

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