Zero Waste Baby Shower Gift Ideas


1. Second hand

Always check if this is ok with the parents. Some people may not want used baby gear, and that should always be respected! But if they are OK with used equipment, find out if they have any qualifiers (i.e. can go in the washing machine, non-smoking household, etc).

Next, checkout their registry. You want to get them something they want and will use because a secondhand gift can't be returned to the store. I would also generally make sure that your items are cleaner than average and clean them yourself before gifting it.  You can see how I did this successfully with a used baby backpack I got off of Nextdoor.

I have had success both on craigslist and Nextdoor, though I have come to prefer Nextdoor because it has a more neighborly feel to it, and people generally aren't too heckley. 


2. Plastic Free

As a fun plastic free gift, I got my brother and his wife some Klean Kanteen baby bottles, food canisters, and bottle nipples. I referred to them as "adventure bottles" because, knowing the parents, these kids are going to be outdoor adventuring a LOT. Here are the links to those and some other zero waste baby ideas:

  1.  Klean Kanteen Baby Bottles 
  2. Klean Kanteen Food Canisters
  3. Organic Cotton Nursing Pads 
  4. Organic Cotton Teething Toy 
  5. Organic Cotton Snack Packs  
  6. Soft Hairbrush 
  7. Wool Changing Pad 

3. Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are not only a classic, but generally something you can guarantee your parents are going to use. There are lots of brands that carry organic cotton and operate sustainably!

  1. Under the Nile - Under the Nile has an amazing assortment of not only clothes, but toys and other baby accessories. They also have really cute gift sets that basically scream baby shower!
  2. Patagonia - Patagonia has lots of sustainable made baby and toddler clothes for whatever price range you're looking for! I love their cute live simply shirts and their organic cotton onsies.
  3. PACT - Pact has lots of reasonably priced, organic baby basics!
  4. Joobles - if you want something a little more unique check Joobles out, there collections are not only freaking ADORABLE but the company is also incredibly ethical.
  5. Penguin Organics - Similar to pact, organic baby basics like onsies, blankets, bibs, and hats. 
  6. Spunky Stork - Are you funnier than you're friends think? Do you want to get an awesome novelty onsie that makes the parents laugh out loud, but also want it to be on the eco-friendly side of things? Spunky Stork has your back! They have cute, funny onsies to fit that gaping hole of novelty that most organic, minimalist clothing companies have left.