Easy Sock Bun for Long Hair


prep the sock

  1. Get a Sock. Find an old, unmatched sock that you don't wear or don't care to wear anymore.  
    • Ideally you want one close to your hair color but it doesn't need to be.
  2. Cut the sock. Use a pair of scissors to cut off the toe (about 1 inch)
  3. Roll the sock. Start at the ankle end of the sock and roll until you are left with a donut shape.

Make the Bun

  1. Brush out your hair. The end product looks best when the hair is brushed all the way through.
  2. Make a ponytail. You can make it as high or low as you want, it just depends where you want the bun to sit.
  3. Pull, Tuck, and Roll. Pull the tip of your ponytail through the middle of the sock, and begin tucking and rolling the ends around sock doughnut. Continue rolling all the way down to the base of your ponytail.
    • It may not look good until the very last roll so don't get discouraged!
  4. Secure at base as needed.
    • My sock bun stayed in all night w/o any bobby pins or hair spray, just be sure its rolled tight at the end!

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