Shampoo Bars

Meet the newest addition to my shower: a jumping juniper shampoo bar from LUSH!

So far, my attempts at a homemade, color-friendly shampoo for my newly dyed hair haven't gone quite according to plan. So, I needed something that could keep my hair from looking like a grease ball.  It's worked great so far, my hair looks awesome (oil free) and still has it's mermaid colors.  

The girl who helped me at the store was super nice and directed me to a bar that was good for color and for my hair type. When I told her I didn't want packaging, She let me put the bar right in the tin.  As I was checking out and she even said to me "oh I won't staple your receipts then because that's waste, right?" Thank you awesome, awesome LUSH employee for actually listening and giving a damn about your customers!

I'll update on how long the bar lasts and how my color does over the next month or so!

Update: Aug 27, 2017


Well, I finally used up my Jumping Juniper shampoo bar! That sucker lasted WAY longer than I expected, a full 5 months! I think this makes shampoo bars one of the most cost effective hair care methods, though I'll have to crunch the numbers later.

I was really impressed with how well my dyed hair retained its color with the shampoo bar. I was generally not scrubbing directly into the color, but I got lots of comments about how long it was lasting (I've never dyed my hair before so that was new to me too). 

Since I had such a great experience, I am trying out another one!  I recently purchased their Montalbano citrus bar and their sea-salt/coconut oil conditioner bar. I'm loving them, too! The solid conditioner does a great job of moisturizing without making my hair greasy. I'd say these are an excellent addition to any zero waste bathroom!

More updates to follow.