August 2017 - Plastic Jungle and Popsicles


Including my waste from NYC I produced 0.15 lbs of trash this August. That's definitely an upturn for me, but without NYC I was only at 20 grams or 0.04 lbs of trash. I feel ok about that, I felt like i could barely breath in NYC without spending money and producing trash!

What really did me in (other than NYC) was freaking popsicles. It's been warm here in Denver and I'm a sucker for frozen treats of any kind! I think I'm going to need to invest in some home-made popsicle supplies to prevent this in the future.  

I did make some homemade sushi this past week. The wrapping around the top of the soy sauce bottle and the plastic wrapping around the seaweed were the only two pieces of waste for 10 rolls of sushi. I'd say that's significantly better than those prepackaged ones you find in the grocery store!