November 2017 - Comfort Tea


I had 10 grams of trash in my trash jar for November, but that was definitely not all the trash I produced.

Over Thanksgiving I was supposed to go to my parent's house in California, where I grew up. However, I was called last minute to New England because my grandfather had fallen very ill.  If you know me, then you know that my personal form of comfort comes in the form of a piping hot cup of tea (with or without whisky). Because I was called away last minute, I didn't arrange to bring any loose leaf tea with me. So, I had regular tea. A lot of it. I think at least 30 bags. 

So, after weighing some empty tea bags, I'm going to add an extra 24 grams to this month's jar assuming that I used about 30 bags.

That comes out to 0.075 lbs for the month of November. 

Besides tea bag wrappings, there's also a small stir straw, and some plastic wrapping that came with some gifts I purchased for the holidays in there.