A New Pela Case


I've been using a Pela Case since 2017 for my iPhone 5, and it was a freaking trooper! I don't really treat my phones with a great deal of delicacy. Which is probably why I ended up going swimming with my iPhone 5, something from which it did not recover.  However my phone was on its way out anyway, and I was preparing to replace it soon.

I ordered a used iPhone 6 off of Gazelle, which also meant I got to order a new Pela case! I've been eyeing their turtle cases for a while now, and wanted to be able to protect my new phone immediately. I have to say, the quality of their cases has increased dramatically since I first ordered my iPhone 5 case back in 2017. My new Pela Case fits my phone better, is more snug, and the material is thicker so I think it provides even better protection now! And their cases continue to be shipped in a compostable package, completely plastic free!

We will see how my new case holds up, but I have high hopes for it!