Kishu Charcoal


I had been going a little crazy recently with our tap water. Though we have safe water, I can taste the chlorine in it, and really wanted to filter it! But I was not about to buy any package-heavy disposable filter system.

Then I found Kishu Charcoal


This plastic-free water filter is an awesome alternative to the big brand filters uses the same ingredient, activated charcoal. They just pull it off without the plastic cartridges (shouldn't we have come up with this a long time ago?)

You just drop Kishu into your water, and it removes toxins while also adding nutrients. Win, win!

It's effective on most toxins within one hour, and completes its work in 24.  I can personally detect a significant taste difference in my water 12-24 hours after putting Kishu charcoal in it, and it is yummy!

I've used both their Regular and To-Go sizes, next is the XL for a pitcher in the fridge!


Are you really sure about this?

Yes. To all my similarly skeptical friends, don't worry, Kishu actually has science to backup their claims:

"This pure form of carbon readily adsorbs or bonds with toxins, principally metals, at the molecular level. Kishu Charcoal has been found to be effective at reducing: LEAD, MERCURY, COPPER, ALUMINUM, URANIUM, and MOLYBDENUM to name a handful of those we tested. In addition, Kishu Charcoal imparts three minerals: Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium."
- James R. Self, Ph.D. | Colorado State University | Soil, Water, Plant Testing Lab

Oh and did I mention that their packaging is 100% biodegradable?