Little Seed Farm


I found out about Little Seed Farm from my cousin who got me some products from them as a Christmas gift a few years ago. After using their soaps, I now consider them a great addition to any zero waste bathroom.

They haven't been around a very long time (started in 2012), and in 2014 they received a $25,000 West Elm Small Business Grant.  Since then it appears business has been going well, and they've stuck to the core principle that they started with: sustainability.

- As of 2015 they run 100% on solar power.

- They package and ship their products with recyclable or reusable materials.

- Their goats are raised humanely. They are 100% grassed and raised using intensive rotational grazing on 84 acres of pasture lands.

- Their soaps are nontoxic and use only essential oils and herbs for fragrance

- And, zero waste of all, they implement strict recycling policies for all excess cardboard, paper, plastic, and metal on their farm

Their  Geranium Rose Bar , currently calling my shower home.

Their Geranium Rose Bar, currently calling my shower home.