Mountain Dog Products


We've been using the same ratty, hand-me-down leash for the past three years for our dog, Piper. But it's finally run it's course. We're keeping it in the car as a spare just in case, but I wanted to find a dog leash made from recycled materials.

Enter, Mountain Dog.  I was looking for a company that at least made ropes out of recycled material, but Mountain Dog actually up-cycles old climbing ropes!  This means that after a climbing rope has served its initial purpose of keeping climbers safe, it is cut and transformed into a leash! This is fantastic for several reasons:

  1. This keeps the climbing ropes out of landfills
  2. Since climbing ropes are made to withstand very high tension, they will never snap or break on your dog
  3. All Mountain Dog leashes are assembled by hand in the U.S.A. by sweatshop-free labor
  4.  The company claims that their leash will last at least 6.7 times longer than any other leash in the world.
  5. If you find this not to be true or aren't satisfied with your leash they have a lifetime guarantee: No questions. No conditions. No time limit.

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